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[CERTIFICATION] Fundamentals of Biometrics and GBS 4 (FBGBS4)

Biometrics have become a trend in security, privacy and identity. This certification covers, at an introductory level, topics on fundamental concepts in biometrics, types of biometric traits, capture devices, standards, accuracy of biometric systems, biometric data quality, fraud and spoofing in biometrics, Big Data and Apache Hadoop Framework, security principles, Griaule Biometric Suite 4 (GBS 4), Automated Identification Systems, Biometrics as a Service, best practices for biometrics systems hiring, concepts of friction ridge science, forensic biometrics, and palm print and neonatal identification. This product is a voucher for ONE attempt at the FBGBS4 certification exam. After the purchase, the exam voucher must be redeemed within one month. Gain professional credibility and become a reference in biometrics as a certified professional! For more information, please visit the following link: bit.ly/fbgbs4.
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